Tuesday, July 5, 2011



It’s on a Sunday morning, and my mind is running loose,
Still I don’t have time sitting in a booth.
Telling some stranger my business,
To ask God forgiveness,
My train of thought is interrupted.
Who could it be?  The Po Po,
Is stirring at me, so here we go!
There is always more than one way this can go down,
Depending on the frame of mind you are in,
And I already know he has a problem with my skin.
So we both know what we are facing.
I don’t need to see his eyes to know he’s mean mugging,
And he don’t need a provable cause for stopping me,
Is our situation, and it’s time for retaliation.
Still he gone to insult my intelligent,
By asking me do I know why? The Devil doesn’t lie!
The Devil is whispering in my left ear explaining my situation.
“You got a piece just like him, so why the hesitation?
How much longer are we gone to let this go on?
Some one has to take a stand,
You’re a dangerous man with a gun in your hand.”
I watch him creep up touching the butt of his piece,
But if this done smoothly he want even know,
What happen before the first bullet fly?
I’m not a killer, but someone got to die.
Now where was I?  My stuff is cocked and griped,
With the engine still running,
I start getting a funning feeling, but F that.
Another police car is pulling up,
 Now exchanging gun fire is how it’s gone to go down.
I swing my car door open and step out,
Police screaming get back in your car, with guns pointed at me,
Never giving me a second chance to breath,
Where’s the Devil at now? A look I seen before,
For once they where afraid of me, I jumped up quick from dreaming.
Damn, I wonder how it would have ended.
When you invite the Devil in….

All Rights Reserved © 2011 Esdrop Publishing

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