Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I got a job,
But no money,
Smile on my face,
But nothin’ funny,
Ev’ry body wanna know what’s up,
But ignore what’s going down.
And nothin’ change,
Since the last go around,
Can’t get ahead,
From too far back,
Another lie,
You know it’s a fact.
Only thing moving forward is the time,
But I’m the one out of place.
And it’s written,
All over my face,
Ev’ry body wants a miracle
But refuse to believe in,
What was written,
We're coming to the end.
And there’s no turnin’ back,
We're on a one way track,
And there’s no turnin’ back.

All Rights Reserved (c)  2011  EsDrop Publishing

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