Sunday, January 18, 2015



                                                                      CHEF POKE


Many people believe it's better to have someone do for them, what they can do for them selves, like changing a flat tire to purchasing a quick meal from Burger King or some other eatery. Only to complain later about the quality or level of service that they received, like they didn't get what they ordered to being cold by the time they make it home.  Forgetting the saying, "If you want something done right, then do it yourself," and that's a saying you can take to the bank. Like the person hand tossing your pizza, wasn't that person just sweeping the parking lot or coming off his/her smoke break and never once washed their hands or working at the cash register and now is handling your food items at the same time?  I know you've seen them because I have.

In a relationship we expect the same thing, what can you do for me, as Miss Jackson said, "What have you done for me lately."  This is the road that leads to being taken for granted and a path you don't want to take because what you don't know is that you are giving up your independence and not even being aware of it. There are many who prey upon weak minded women who simply don't know any better.  He’ll do everything for her robbing her blind of her independence when they should have been listening to Ne-yo singing about Miss independent and not that other guy talking shit. There are men who prefer and are not afraid of an independent woman, because he knows she'll make a more suitable partner when it comes to holding him down and he will respect her even more. Why?  Because he knows she can do with or without out him, when nothing else should matter but love and not what you can do for me.  That other woman would be lost without him and that is what that other man that I mention wants in a woman. That's why he takes her car and picks her up from wherever he drops her off at like a child.  Just like a woman, you have men who want to be taking car of, and you know what a real man call them.  We should be investing in each other and not struggling to make ends meet and bringing each other down at the same time. Try spending more time together as though it may be your last and telling each I love you in a world that have gone mad. Until next!

Adam Poke


Uploaded on Sep 26, 2008
The Force MP's(Master Porkers) were formed in June of 2008 and broke up 2 days after recording this song after getting in a fisticuffs over a game of drunken Taboo. They have only recorded 1 song and 1 song only

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