Sunday, January 18, 2015



                                                  ELVYN "ESQUIRE" PLEASANT

They say don't judge a book by its cover yet they know what you're all about before you open your mouth.  It's your attitude that describes you what you don't want people to see I heard it in song, which holds true today.

Your image is your identity, your first and only calling card to how you want to be perceived. You can't command respect when you don't deserve it!  If anyone who should know this better growing up as a black man is you. You heard many rappers in their songs shouting, "Represent your hood," and that is exactly what you are doing every time you step out side.  All it takes is one look at you and our entire race is being judged because of your sagging pants and your matted hair.  They don't care that you have an IQ that's off the chart; they don't even want to hear you speak because you already have two strikes against you.  You'll black, hated just because and now this.  We are the only race of people that continue to go out of our way to disgrace ourselves. So why should poor grooming be any different when obviously you don't care enough about yourself and if you don't, who will? We all can change if we so desire, starting with the man in the mirror.  I am the “IM” man!

Elvyn “Esquire” PLeasant

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