Monday, January 19, 2015


                                                              MR. TYLER PERRY

I sent this to a friend of mine last night who's been going through some things. She's a talented gifted woman, but she started paying attention to the voices and chatter of the people around her and stopped looking at the blessing she was standing on. She was looking so low that she didn't realize how high up she was. I think we're all guilty of that at some point or another. I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you needed to hear this too.
You need to know that you can't honor God when you're chained to the voice and opinions of man.
I pray that your ear gets so sensitive that you can only hear the voice of God. It drowns out what you see and leads you into who and what you are.
Higher is waiting.
Happy Martin Luther King Day. GO SEE SELMA!!!!!!

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