Tuesday, September 18, 2012


istockphoto                                     Jessica  Key
Sometimes death is all you want to see…
Cause maybe He isn’t listening
Sometimes you don’t know how much more you
Can take
Cause everything in life isn’t glistening
Sometimes you just want to go without being judged
Cause you just want to live
Sometimes people want to take so much
But you have nothing else to give.
Sometimes you need someone to talk to
Cause you don’t know where to turn
Sometimes you only want revenge
But you don’t want to get burned
Sometimes you just want to hate
Cause your love left like the rest
Sometimes you forget about the rest of the times
Cause you didn’t know that you where blessed.
Elvony D. Pleasant
All Rights Reserved © 08/09/12 EsDrop Publishing
                                           Nas/Damian Marley – Count Your Blessings

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