Friday, June 17, 2011



My father, our father who is in heaven, with all my heart I humble my self unto thee as the child that I am in your eye sight.  A single voice that echo’s among so many, I pray that you turn not thy ear deaf or away I cry with all my might;  as I have done unto you, now that I need you the most in my life.   On my knees, head bowed and hands to mouth I utter these simple words that is all I have to offer, asking for your forgiveness beyond the seventy seven times that it was written for forgiveness,  I’m praying Lord that you turn me not away as the beggar that I’ve become like a child starving for his mother’s milk.

Forgive me father for my faults, habits and foolish mistakes that I’ve made along the way and my short comings, for I am now,  wise enough to know that you’ll been with me every step of the way, and see clearly that I’m not perfect as you said I am to be as my father.  I now know that I’m nothing without you, for I come from nothing and I shall be nothing until you mold me into the image that I’m to become.  So I surrender a heavy heart and lost soul unto thee from which it comes if thy will have me back in thy grace knowing that I’ve never been worthy of thee.

So much time has been wasted and for too long I’ve taken thy Lord for granted and my reason for living as you continued to bless me out of your mercy and love for me.  Never knowing when my hours are up before I have a last chance to ask for your forgiveness. Was the journey worth it? Would I be willing to do it again? Yes Lord, knowing you’ll be with me every step of the way.

Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in thee, when there was no one but you to turn too and just let go, which builds faith. So many times I thought you weren’t listening to my prayers because I saw no results, yet I never had to cry alone, for you knew best.  We learn as parents that sometimes we have to go through something’s in order to grow stronger and to have something to hold on to. Because of it, I now know the meaning of life and my true purpose for living that many who have eyes will never see what I’ve come too, and their ears will never hear your voice as I have.  I thank you dear Lord for being my guide as you are my judge.  A Man……

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