Friday, June 10, 2011



We say yes, when we really mean no,
And we say no, when we should had said yes,
But that’s how we learn from our mistakes,
Knowing we are humans, just trying to do our best.
Do you know no one will love you more?
We will give you our last, and put you first,
To keep a smile plastered on your face,
 Praying to God that he’ll never let you know our thirst.
Now you think you’re trapped and frustrated,
Think how many wish they could take your place,
You know not what it means to be denied,
Someone has to pay the price, just look at our broke face.

We think of your feelings before our own,
When a parent loves you more than themselves,
Yes we too get frustrated, but we love you no less,
Giving you our last, till there’s nothing left for ourselves.

As a parent, there’s nothing that we want to see you without,
When a parent loves, we sometimes over protect and react,
And still we give our love unconditionally,
With no guarantee that we going to get it back,
I guess that’s just the way it is, when a parent loves.

“E. L. Pleasant”

All Rights Reserved © 2011 EsDrop Publishing

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