Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sit here and wait? How dare you?
All the places I could be, all the things I could see.
I'm human now, aren't I?
But I get treated unfairly it seems.
Force me to hate the world I'm surrounded by
No choice but to take it all in.
Just EXISTING day, after day, after day, after day
And through it all...I thought I had a friend.
Swimming in a pool of lies
They say yes, then no, then yes again.
So now I'm drowning in a pool of denial.
Guess no ones able to make up their mind
Can't trust you anymore so I wait for the end.
Can't fully express the feelings that I have,
I'm being mentally and emotionally suffocated.
And now I can't think straight
Guess I'm just...Frustrated.

"Elvony Pleasant"

All Rights Reserved (c)  2011 EsDrop Publishing

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