Monday, January 19, 2015



Keep your hands to yourself and your mouth close!

Pray that The Lord hold your loose tongue and let you not speak or act upon that which you may think.

No matter how heated the argument get, a real man should never put his hands on a woman, or call her out of her name.  If you can't walk away, then run from her until you both cool down.  She may forgive you, but she will never forget because no matter how many apologies and the showering of gifts you give can erase the memory of your actions. She will always remember you disrespected her worth to as an equal, even when you holding her close, having sex or what ever the cause for celebration, you allowed your temper to cross a line that can't be unbroken and if you done it once, you'll do it again.  The mother of your children is now a bitch or hoe and so on in your eyes. This is where the term falling out of love or growing apart comes in play, because now she's slowly losing respect for you as her man.  The one thing you should always want to be giving credit for is her saying, "No matter how many arguments we had, he never once put his hand on me or called me out on my name."  Because you not suppose to see eye to eye on every issue but you are suppose to stand together no matter what.  That's the vow you both took, "For better or worst and richer or poor." 

You have heard that, "Half of a man is better than not having one," which is another lie you come to believe as the truth.  You don't need him and shouldn't want him, because what is true is the fact that you can do bad without his help.  If you settle for this type of man, he will always keep you where you are now and that's down and never being able to rise because of him.  You also have heard that, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never harm you."  Simple minded parents told their child this lie because it was told to them, but in reality word have gotten people killed because they said them to the wrong person. Or having someone call you out of your name can scar you for life which is just as painful as being struck with a stick or stone.
Remember your actions don't only affect you but every one around you.  Kids learn from examples and this is one you don't want to be proud of setting.  Your sons grow up doing the same thing. Disrespecting his mother and the girls he meet along the way. Your daughters grow up knowing what to expect, a ass beating, as if it's the normal thing between couples and think of it as love.  It is so sad how one mistake can cause a life time of heart aches and years to pay.  What you should be doing each and every day is building memories of the love that you have for each other. When ever you are apart and you think of her/ him you'll catch yourself smiling because of something that they said or the way they make you feel inside, what Master Card refer to as "Priceless." You're discovering that you don't want to live without the other and this is what love is all about.

 Lewis Pleasant

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