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Airplanes are falling from the sky into homes as frequently as falling rain hitting roof tops. Crazed gun man entering movie theaters and places of worship claiming lives as easy as breathing and then ending their own life, leaving behind a wake of darkness. There's a rage war taking place on Interstate I70 heading North, because one driver refused to let another driver get over causing the other to miss his turn off, which lead to horns blowing and words flying out the window. Suicide is on the rise, sometimes wiping out an entire family.  All of these stories you either will hear about, read it for yourself or watched on the news, but for some of use we never think twice rather or not if we are going to make it back home or wake up the nest morning; or even remember the last time that we told a love one that we loved them, not to mention a child who needs to hear these words as much as you.  This brings me to the short story by Faydra D. Fields in titled “The Project.” A boy’s love and fear of his father who would rather spend time with his friends than with his son or wife when his time could be cut short without a moment notice.

Lewis Pleasant

 Publication Date:September 19, 2011
DJ is excited when his dad agrees to help him with his school science project.

Father and son have great fun creating the model of the Solar System.

The not-so-fun part happens after the project is finished, and DJ finds himself in trouble because of what he does with the project.

Who's to blame? Dad or DJ? You'll have to decide when you read "The Project."

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