Monday, January 26, 2015



She is the Queen of my soul, the mother of my children's and of my existence.  There is nothing about this woman than I don't love.  Her individuality to her flaws I come to cherish because we all have them and that's what makes her unique.  Kissing the sweat off of her neck on a warm summer night to exchanging spit in between flight, the way she smile, to the way her skin feels from my touch.   The way she laughs to a simple pose can often bring on a rush, that there are no doubts in my mind that she was created to be my mate.  She knows me because we are cut from the same cloth which only she can relate to my pain when it comes to being black and proud and I what I am to her.

Every race, animal, plants down to the insect were created with their own mate and scent which they give off.  Therefore there is no substitute for THE BLACK WOMAN when sought.  Yes, she can be head strong but her strength is what keeps and hold a family to gather.


Lewis Pleasant

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