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Soulful harmonies and melodic tones are a few expressions used to describe the St. Louis native known as "G".  Being captivated in music all his life you can guess the outcome of his work. "Music is an inspiration; a craft that has to be built," he states and he is doing so in his album, "Writings of a G." While his edgy titles will have you on your feet, his passionate love songs will have you wanting more.

Born Gregory Walter-Eugene Tellis, November 25, 1986 his mother blessed him with music and made sure he was surrounded by it.  From elementary school to college at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff he practiced the fundamentals of percussion and piano, taking it a whole step further with his gift of voice. From talent shows, music showcases, halftime shows, ect., he knows how and what to do to please a crowd.
"I Am the R&B of S.T.L."

Contacts and more info:  314-443-2910314-443-2910
Facebook.com/greg tellis 

Untitled from Gthesinger on Vimeo.

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