Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Where Do We Go From Here? John 21:1-224/16/2012Devotion Thoughts/Meditation courtesy of New Zion Baptist Church
Where Do We Go From Here?
When you dream, sometimes they are peaceful and pleasant, other times they are disturbing and up setting. When your last breath leaves your body so does the spirit that which was blown into your nostril the day that your heart began to beat return unto which it was given. Many would like to believe other wise, by telling their love ones that they are in a much better place or they are in heaven with the Lord out of ignorance or to comfort themselves as well as a small child that wouldn't understand the difference between make belief and reality. There is no reincarnation or after life, only purgatory that awaits you once that you are laid to rest and pray that your soul made peace with The Lord thy God before you enter this realm of rest until every eye as it were written shall fall upon him as he return in the clouds of glory. For you know not of torment only the prelude thereof which we like to call nightmares. Think of having one of these over and over and unable to open your eyes for a moment to catch your breath like holding it under water and you can never rise up for a second wind. Yeah it's something like that or maybe worst if possible. If it was not so, it would not have been written, and I would not been led to tell you other wise. For every eye shall see him from the North and in the South and in the East as well as the West, but only a few shall be saved. As the Angels of The Lord cried for him so shall they cry for those that died in him. Saying it is the greatest joy to die than it is to be born they celebrate, for you have made it as The Lord last words, "It is finish." The Lord said he goes to prepare a place for you, but that time is not yet, not until everything has been for filled. Till then this is where you shall remain... May God have mercy on your soul!
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