Monday, October 1, 2012


Taking a pregnant partner to the hospital for surgery would be an incredibly tough day for anyone. But Terri-Ann Simonelli says that day got even worse when a hospital employee told her she couldn't make any medical decisions for her partner, Brittney, because they are gay.

"Despite being in a legal, state-recognized domestic partnership, we were told that I wouldn't be able to make any medical decisions for my family," Terri-Ann says. "According to a hospital employee, that was their policy."

The hospital where Brittney was treated is owned by Universal Health Services, a Fortune 500 company that owns and operates hundreds of hospitals all over America.

Terri-Ann started a petition on demanding that Universal Health services comply with the law and train its employees to treat gay families the same as straight families. Click here to add your name.

The discrimination that Terri-Ann says she and Brittney faced is against the law. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, any hospital that accepts Medicare and Medicaid must give gay couples all the same rights as straight couples, including decision-making and visitation rights.

"After the surgery, I found out that Brittney had lost a lot of blood," Terri-Ann says. "I still shiver when I think what might have happened if things had taken a turn for the worst and I wasn't able to be part of any of the important medical-related decisions."

Terri-Ann is one of far too many gay spouses who knows what it's like to feel powerless and invisible in the face of a medical emergency. She hopes that if enough people sign her petition, no other family will ever have to go through what she says hers did at a Universal Health Services hospital.


There are lines drawn that were never intended to be crossed, they serve as warning signs and the more you fantasize about them, eventually you will cross. Which is why we pray not to be lead into temptation, the same as it was for Adam and Eve with the apple. Once you cross that forbidden line, there's no turning back, which for some lead to committing suicide, because they couldn't handle living with the guilt. Similar to Adam and Eve when they were found naked in the garden and were ashamed to be looked upon knowing what they never knew before, guilt. Just as the growl of a Tiger warning us, that he’s not one to be played with, yet we still do and you know how that end.  We were born with the instinct knowing right from wrong and our parents are there to implement or validate the path we should take.  You chose not to take their words or his as it was written, you can ignore them, but when you turn your back on him, he's the only one that will hear your cry, something that we never get to old to do.  You no longer have to pretend that you believe in God by attending Church, read the Bible or wait to be judge by your peers, while pretending that you just trying to find your way.  You just going through a phase or experimenting.  No.  What you have been doing is playing with the Devil, and he too is not one to be played with, because without God in your life, you may not be given a second chance to find your way back to him.  We open doors that only he can close but the guilt will always remain with us, because your body experience what it was never intended for it to know.  God created Man for Woman, and a Woman to be with a Man period, there’s no and or buts about it.  A Man can’t reproduce without her and she can’t give birth without him.  So you stop believing in God and going to church, because of the guilt, then you try to convince  yourself  and others that he don’t exist or a thousand and one other excuses so you can be with them.   Tell yourself you were always this way, or it just happen too no one has ever loved you the way that they have.  I’ve longed for love, I’ve cried over it and lusted after it and ended up lonely, but I prayed "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, because I know that there are lines drawn not to be crossed…..

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