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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Yes, I am guilty of taking your love
For granted
I am guilty of not sharing with you
What was in my heart
I am guilty of not holding you when
All you needed was to be held
I am guilty of taking your heart and
Not giving you mine in return
I am guilty of loving you and
Assuming you knew, when I never
Told you so, that I loved you
I am guilty for every tear you lost on
My account and not being the one to
Wipe your eyes
I am guilty of pushing you away,
When I should had been pulling you
I am guilty of not making you apart of
My dreams
I am guilty of not giving you my time,
When I was the only thing on your
I am guilty for all the times you got
Your hair done, to make yourself feel
Good, only for me to ignore your
Beauty and worth; just to bring you
Back down
I am guilty of being sorry a little too
Late, and letting the best thing I every
Had slip away,
I am guilty.

E. L. Pleasant
All Rights Reserved © 2011 EsDrop Publishing

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