Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Nothing is the same anymore.  Nothing that we use to enjoy or the places that we would go to when we were growing up, buildings torn down or boarded up, street signs renamed and new laws enacted to the point that everything seems out of place.  The smells, the colors, the sounds, and the looks are all strange to us, or are we the one’s that is becoming strangers.  Clinging to the past like infants holding on to a favorite toy, or anything of familiarity.  Like the friends that we grew up around, are the only one you can communicate with, because they are the only thing from your past that can give your account of what once were is no more, validation.  No more drive-ins where you could watch a move under the stars and catch a summer breeze, no more ice cream truck driving around dinging there bells for the children’s to pester their parents for a quarter, so that they could run and get what ever flavor was being sold.  No more shoe shine stands or paper boys standing on the corners yelling, “ Paper, get your news papers,” or kids asking strangers if they could take their grocery bags to their cars, hoping to get a quarter for their services render.  Now it seems like it was just yesterday when your parents was saying the same things, that nothing was the same to them, what they use to could do, and what they use to have is no more, and becoming more and more frighten as one by one they watched their old friend past leaving them behind in a world that they no longer know or want to be a part of.   They have out grown their usefulness, even if they adapt, deep down they know that they are out of place.

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