Friday, June 3, 2011



As the wind dances across my skin
I feel the sudden urge to sin.
As my body moves along,
I feel the words roll off my tongue.

Why me? Why me?  Is what you'll hear me ask,
Because I feel like a crazy person being put away at last.

Where did my sense go?
Will I ever be the same?

Because now I'm beginning to feel as if I'm going insane.

If only some one would listen
To my few and short words,
I would start to make sense
Because I knew that I was heard.

Not sure of why I feel this way.
Not sure if it's how I should be
All I ever wanted was to feel
Like I wasn't lonely

But If this is what I get,
Then this is what I'll take
Lonely or not...
I'm alive for Heaven's sake.

"Elvony Pleasant"

All Rights Reserved (c) 2011  EsDrop Publishing

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