Tuesday, May 24, 2011



We’ve shared so much, and gave too little.
Most of which, we’ve taken for granted.
And what could have meant the world to someone else,
We seldom said what our heart felt.
Never knowing, who, how and in which way,
Our lives will be touched.
Carelessly we played with time,
Never knowing, how much of it is left.
And I remember O’ so well,
When there was a time, I had a reason to grin.
I remember O’ so well, as if it was just the other day,
When simple things gave me such pleasure,
Never thinking twice, but knew, all things come to an end.
Leaving me with only my memories to bathed in,
An old fool treasure,
A time when we were young and O’ so innocent,
A time when we didn’t have a reason to think of Heaven or Hell,
A time when we didn’t have a reason to fear what we knew not.
Now, it’s all I can do, is fear what is to come.  That which I can no longer out run.
Now I fear hell is where I will go, this much I do know, for they say, “He only gives you what you can bear.”  For that, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.
Yet, I feel, I’ve been weighted with an undue burden, of knowing,
That the time spent here, has been nothing more,
 Than the end of a beautiful illusion,
 Playing tricks with an old man’s mind,
For the signs of caducity has already taken over,
And I can hear from a distance, Rob Thomas, singing my
Thernody, “Now comes the night.”  Sweet as it may be, this farewell melody.
I no longer have the ability to enjoy, what I once would have
When I was young, and didn’t care about time….  If given a
Second chance I would do a many things differently.  That I’m sure,
When that day, in that final hour, I would be worthy of the
Greatest peace.  That I too can say with self assurance, “that it is
Finish.  O, how I wish I had just a little more time.

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