Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Japanese Phrase:  (Which means no more and no less than appreciating the sadness of existence.)

I miss the way you curled-up in my arms,
Lookin’ up at me and smile,
Sometimes even as you rest,
The pleasure of holdin’ you in my arms,
And your head restin’ against my chest,
Rememberin’ when you use to lay there,
For hours,
On a summer afternoon shower,
I miss when I could hold you, to the time,
You placed your hands into mine.
To when we use to walk side by side,
And you stilled looked up to me.
I miss you pressin’ your fragile little lips,
Against mine.  How could there be anything,
More precious than this?
Your voice, your laughter that still linger
In the mist,
It’s hard to imagine, not havin’ you here.

I miss when you needed me,
Now that you grown up so fast,
It is I that need you.
Remembering when it was once, was,
Daddy’s baby girl,
As I remember these eidetic images of the past.
Over, N’ over, again, I look at your pictures,
And try to remember when,
Knowin’ I’ll never feel this way again.

“You see the cherry blossoms on the tree in Kyoto in April and you love them, but you love them most of all because you appreciate, so sadly, that soon they will all be gone,” and all I can say is,

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