Friday, May 27, 2011


Not every one knows what they are going to be, when they grow up.  Though some would beg the differ.  Others are just late bloomers.  When you think about it, who knew it would come to this?  You have kids of your own, named after you or some other relative, to keep the bloodline flowing.  To contradict every thing I said or believe, it was written.  That no one was meant to be alone.  This is why Eve was created.  Then he said, “Go forth and be fruitful.”  Because God wanted us to experience what it felt like to have a child, and have it be disobedient.  The love, anger, betrayal, disappointment, grief, and experiences that you could never put into words, the meaning of life, ones purpose and fulfillment; 9-29-95, you where placed in my path.  Who knew what your mission was?  You came, you saw, and you’re still here!  This is my miracle.

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“You have to learn to love yourself Ladies.
Or do you even know how?  When you put your make-up on, pay to have your hair and nails done, and then you put on your best out fit, never thinking about a man when you do this.  Do this for yourself, something that is going to make you feel good.  You know you look good.  So don’t worry about what he thinks.  Then go out and treat yourself to something nice, even if it’s nothing but an ice cream cone that makes you feel young inside, do it!”

                                                                             E. L. Pleasant


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